Update. Check my previous post about LBC here.

Honestly, I am amazed – more of shocked actually, when my brother told me that they already received the package we sent last December 14. It was the 6th day, December 20th, when my family got the smiley box. I was not expecting it considering December is a peak month and I’ve read a lot of bad things posted on LBC’s facebook page asking where their packages are and how they’ve been waiting forever but has not received them yet. I consider myself very lucky since I already made up my mind that they will not receive the smiley box on time, I guess it is sweeter not to expect but get the results on time. 🙂 True to LBC’s word, air cargo takes 5-7 days to be delivered (within Metro Manila). I can attest to that!

Hopefully, my next transaction will be as smooth.