According to Wikipedia as of 2010, the majority of the population in UAE are expatriates being 13% of it are locals or Emiratis. Whereas more than half of the people are seeking job for better opportunities. In my opinion, this causes some to a fraudulent scheme related to job hunting. My husband was once a victim! Being one who easily trusts someone even if I already warned him not to give money in any of his interviews.

This is how they work, they’ll post an ad for a job opening in dubizzle (in different positions like secretaries, receptionist, waitress, sales, medical field etc.). When you applied to that position, they will send you an e-mail and will call inviting you for an interview. This may sound normal, because legit companies do call and send e-mails for the location of the interview. After being interviewed, they will ask for 300 dirhams for registration. My husband, being gullible or silly that he is (sorry for the term) gave the amount. 300 dirhams?! That’s more than 3600 pesos! Insane, right? I was angry when he got home and told him it’s a scam. He never believed me and said that there’s also a kabayan who gave money. After 2 days, the same number called back and said he’s already hired inviting him back to their office and instructed him to bring 200 dirhams for an offer letter. Crazy! Do not ever wire money to any company during interviews. Remember, we are here to look for a job and searching for one doesn’t mean we have to pay for anything. Be mindful and alert. Just a helpful reminder. 🙂

Be keen, usually you can check if it’s a scam by:

  • The e-mail sent to you comes from a free e-mail domain like yahoo, g-mail or livestrong. If they are an established company, they should have their own e-mail provider, like if you received an interview for a company named Areej Group, the e-mail address should be (This is only an example)
  • Check if they have a website. You’ll also get information about them by doing this and common interview questions also include what you know about them. This is very helpful.
  • As per Ministry of Labor, it is ILLEGAL for recruitment agencies to wire any money from the applicant. Do not give any money, even a dirham!
  • Here’s a sample e-mail sent to me thrice which is the same e-mail sent to my husband. They just changed the name of the company, contact person and position available, but the rest is identical.