This is a long overdue post. I just wanted to share some tips how my husband and I landed a job here in Dubai. We entered UAE June 10th 2013, it was a scorching hot month for job hunting but all good things come to those who work hard and persevere. 🙂 Be determined and be an optimist, never lose hope and see the good things in every thing you do. Armed with these mindset and a few tips you’ll be getting that job you’re aiming for.

  • Buy a local sim where your employers can reach you. Then update your CV when you have your number ready. I suggest you do it the soonest after you landed UAE. Make sure to highlight your expertise, your work experience and educational attainment. Don’t forget your cover letter, too!
  • Make an account online in job websites like dubizzle, bayt, and monstergulf. I mostly received calls from the dubizzle site, make sure to check this website everyday for new job postings. They usually call same day after you clicked “apply”.
  • Add groups in facebook, they are also very helpful and you’ll learn a lot on our kabayan’s experiences. They post walk-ins and urgent openings. I find UAE Job Vacancies most helpful. Others include M2M Jobs and Job Posting for Visit Visa and Jobless.
  • Summer in Dubai can reach as high as 47 degrees Celsius, these include months of June to September, July and August being the hottest (This is based on my experience). During these months, it is better to maximize your time – try walking in every morning until 10 am then go back home and apply online the rest of the day. I usually got calls from applying online.
  • During interviews, make sure to be there on time, dress corporately and be spontaneous. If your qualifications fit the position, you’ll pass the interview without a sweat. 🙂
  • Don’t forget to give thanks and pray for His blessings, be determined and persistent, you can only do such things and leave to Him the rest.


My husband landed a job as an AC/Ref Technician after 2 weeks and I was hired as a Home Care Nurse after 31 days. Now, it’s your time. Good luck! 🙂