Doing research online was a big help for me to know the processes and needed requirements in my plan to go and find work in the UAE. I started out like a clean sheet of paper knowing nothing then eventually became knowledgable on the steps I needed to take.

After getting our visas, I searched online ways how to pass through the Philippine immigration. Some passengers, especially if they are going to UAE, are being offloaded. Our government is very strict and monitors travellers in order to protect us from possible human trafficking. That’s the Philippine immigration’s main reason why some passengers are offloaded. Although, there are news and stories about corrupt immigration officers, it is best for us to be aware and ready with all the questions and documents they may be needing.

Since I’ve noticed that a lot of Filipinos going to UAE are being offloaded (for whatever reason it is), I planned to go to Hong Kong first, keep my UAE visa and never tell them that I will be going to Dubai. It is my husband and I’s first travel abroad, that’s why I was very OC and planned every detail of it.

I purchased a ticket online, Manila (Mla) – Hong Kong (HK) – Mla. It should be a round trip ticket because you will not tell them immigration officers that you’ll be going to Dubai and the purpose of your travel is to tour or have a nice vacation. So, to prove them that we’ll be having a vacation, I made a DIY itinerary of places where we plan to visit. I printed it out and also have our leave approval form, hotel voucher, company IDs, and credit card. All of which I only made by myself with the use of MS Office, well except for the company ID and credit card which is the exact ID that we used. (I surrendered my old ID bearing my maiden name and kept the one with my married name. I resigned at work 23 days before our flight.) ๐Ÿ™‚ I also booked a flight Sunday night, or after office hours, just to be sure that there’s no reason for them to call our company.


You’ll need to spend a little more if you plan to do this because you need to book two flights. For me it is better to be sure than be offloaded. That one is more expensive!

The travel agent who got us our visas is also the one who purchased our ticket to Dubai (DXB). HK – DXB – Mla, you’ll be needing a dummy ticket to Manila since you are on tourist visa. We spent 2300 AED each person for the ticket, it is a bit expensive cause we went there on June where most locals are on vacation for Ramadan.

I was sure praying that everything will went on fine. I was with my husband then and we were only asked who I’m travelling with, is it our first travel abroad, what our work is, checked our company IDs, when is the date of our marriage and even asked for a picture of it. Luckily, my husband has a copy on his phone. And then off we go! ๐Ÿ™‚

Our passports were stamped!