Another important requirement if you wanted to work in the UAE is having your college diplomas or vocational certificates attested by the UAE government. Most company requires this and it would be a lot helpful if you have it done in the Philippines before going to UAE.

Make sure you have red ribboned your documents in DFA. Please check it here if you want to know which documents can be authenticated and check this link to view my experience in getting my documents at DFA.

When you get a hold of your red ribboned document, you can have it attested directly at DFA Aseana. There is a WWWExpress/DHL (which is the ONLY company accredited by the UAE embassy) branch located inside DFA Aseana just beside the exit gate. You need to pay Php 1700 authentication fee and Php 550 courier services. That’s a total of Php 2250 and you will get your UAE attested document delivered to your home. I got mine in 2 days.


Now, you’re ready for a fun-filled but strenous and exhausting job hunting in the UAE. 🙂