If you have a vocational course, it’s better to also have it attested or red ribboned by DFA. Although, the employer of my husband did not even check it, it’s better if you have it handy for future use and different employers have different guidelines and requirements.

My husband took up a 6 month vocational course in a state university in Valenzuela. After finishing up the short-course and passing the assessment, you can get a certificate which is issued by TESDA. In getting a certificate, you’ll need:

duly accomplished application form
2 pieces passport sized photo with white background
slip which you got after assessment stating you passed

My husband got his certificate 2 weeks after submitting his application.


Before going to DFA, you need to have a Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV). You’ll need:

2 photocopies and original Certificate of Competency
2 passport sized photos
2 documentary stamps (since TESDA Branch in Caloocan does not have Documentary stamps, we bought them first at BIR)

Pay the authentication fee, then get your document on the date specified in your receipt. Then go to DFA to have it attested.

Check this link, for complete procedure in applying for assessment and certifications.