Click here for DFA Authentication Guidelines.

My husband and I have been in the process of updating and getting requirements from different government agencies which I think are needed for our job hunting in the UAE (hopefully soon). We’ve been to NSO, NBI, Tesda, DEPED, PRC, our schools and my, how laborious it is! For months, we’ve been doing this, we are both working and we need some time off just to process the documents. I will blog our each and every trip to these agencies to walk you through a little  about the process.

Before you go to DFA, you need to go get an original and certified true copy of the document you need to attest or commonly called as “red ribbon” by many. I recommend that you get all the requirements first then go to DFA when you have them all to process at the same time. This will save you money  and time.

Here’s a list of the documents we need to furnish which I reckon is needed for our UAE job hunting. Those in green are done and we got a copy of.


When we went to DFA last Monday, May 20th, some of our documents are ready for red ribbon. We only processed those available and will be back again to process the remaining documents.

This one is the general process for authentication in DFA. I will post next the steps how to get your documents ready for authentication, each post for each government agency.

We are at DFA Aseana around 10 am, I already have the claim stub for my college diploma and transcript of records from the university I went to. So, mine’s ready for releasing. The claim stub looks something like this:


  • You need to put the claim stub in a box at the waiting area then wait for your name to be called.
  •  All you need is a valid ID and authentication letter (if you are getting documents of someone  else). Always check if there are any errors in your documents.
  • Pay Php 100 at the cashier if there are no corrections needed.
  • After paying, go to Window 8 and attach the white copy receipt and give it back to DFA personnel.
  • Keep the blue receipt, wait for your name to be called again and give the blue receipt back when your name is called.
  • After that, they will hand you your red ribboned document. Happy? Not me, this process took 4 hours.


If you don’t have a claim stub yet and will process the documents directly at DFA, Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get an Application Form for Authentication. It is a blue form you will get outside at the waiting line.
  • Fill up the form, stay on line and wait for your turn. My husband did this because he processed his TESDA and our Marriage Certificate.
  • Give your documents at Window 20 (or any processing window available).
  • Pay Php 100 for each document then give a copy of your receipt back at Window 20.

This process took 4 hours as well. You may opt for expedite processing which is Php 200 each document. You can get your papers after 1 day. For regular processing, documents are ready after 4 working days.

You may also have your documents delivered for Php 130, there’s delivery service waiting just beside the exit door. Having your documents delivered will save you another trip to DFA.

Welcome to DFA Aseana, where lines never end…Image


Haha, total processing time is 25 minutes?! That’s insane! It took us 4 hours!

Click here for DFA Authentication Guidelines.