Dermcare is a go to place for me when I need to consult a dermatologist. I have never tried their other services, though. That’s why I was beyond glad when I found a deal online, Php 250 only to avail their diamond peel treatment. That’s 72% off so without second thought I clicked and grabbed the deal! I was thinking it was good enough since that’s the place I go to when I needed a doctor’s consult so why not try their services, right?

I used to go to their branch in Farmers Plaza in Cubao, that’s also where I chose to avail the deal. It is also convenient  cause they have more than 40 branches nationwide. For their branch in Cubao, they don’t allow reservations and to avail your purchase is on first come first serve basis. I’m not sure if the process is the  same for all branches.

The receptionist are nice and accommodating and I did not wait long until it’s my turn. You just need to bring your voucher and sign on their list. No IDs needed. But to be sure, bring a valid ID. It may be a case to case basis.


The deal was a steal! I love it 🙂 The therapist  is nice and her hand is light and smells good (which is a plus factor for me),  steam is a little bit long but there’s no problem with that, they use scented facial lotions and the best thing is that you will feel that the therapist is very knowledgable and skilled. Kudos for that.

I was happy with my purchase, this is sulit! Too bad, I only ordered once because I wanted to try it first before availing too many purchase. They recommend 4-6 sessions for best results. I hope they’ll post another deal again.


  • You can only redeem your voucher on your chosen branch.
  • It is not advisable for guests with pimples/ acne. Best to seek pimple/ acne treatment first.

A rate of 5, 5 being the highest, for an approved experience, easy transaction,convenient locations and accommodating staff.

You may want to preorder here, if you’d like to experience the said deal on their next promo.

Check Dermcare’s website here and their dermatologist’s schedule here.