I just went to PRC head office today to change my registered name because I got married last year. I will also renew my license for the first time after 2 years of expiration. It was a like a battle field there, I think PRC’s one of the government agencies that has never achieved a good change, since 2006 when I was filing for a licensure examination until this year, 2013, when I need to change my name and renew it. Well, other government agencies I’ve been to like NSO, BIR and DFA have improved services. I’ve been there for 3 hours, battling the heat, applicants and endless lines.

1 pm, my time, I entered PRC grounds and asked the guards the process on changing my registered name or “change status” as they mentioned and to renew my license at the same time. Here’s my own steps how (this is for Nurses, I’m not sure if the process is the same with other professional licenses):

You will need to bring:

  • Marriage Certificate in security paper (SecPa) and 1 photocopy
  • PRC license and 1 photocopy
  • 2 pieces passport size picture with complete name tag and white background
  • pen and paste
  1. Go to “Public Assistance” which is right on the left side when you enter the gate to get form for renewal. Or you can download it here.
  2. Go to 2nd floor of the Main Building and the first door to your right. Get a form for change status/ change of registered name due to marriage or download it here. (I was there at 1:05 pm and the guard told me to wait because the personnel on that area is still on break. They resume at 1:15 pm)
  3. Fill up your forms and attach your passport sized pictures.
  4. Go to the Legal Division, same floor same building, have your Change of Registered Name form notarized for Php 50. (I had no money left on my pocket but my 1000 peso bill, the lady told me there’s no change without even looking inside the box where she puts the money. So, it’s all okay, I went outside and had my lunch first since I’m also hungry and thirsty at the same time because I went to my alma mater earlier that day to get something fixed and went straight to PRC. After 20 minutes, I went back and gave the lady the exact amount, much to my surprise when she opened the box, it has lots of hundreds and fifty peso bills. Duh! Why tell me you have no change when you do, I think that’s just crazy!)
  5. Go to Window 16, which is on ground floor and give your papers to the personnel. You should have 4 papers with you (The 2 PRC forms and photocopies of MC and PRC license). Make sure you’ve completed the forms and attached a copy of your Marriage Certificate and PRC license. (They will just double check if you have an original of both. The guy on this window is very helpful).
  6. Go to Window H “Records Section”, which is outside near the entrance gate, for the verification of your examination records.
  7. Go to Window O or P to have your petition form metered. It costs Php 21.
  8. Pay at the cashier. For my renewal, I need to pay Php 990 because I wasn’t able to renew in 2 years since 2010. There’s also a statutory fee of Php 225.
  9. Go back to Main Building 2nd floor and submit your forms. (It’s the room where you got the change status form). Don’t forget to get your claim slip and you’re done!
  10. By the way, you will get your license bearing your new name after 2-3 months and there’s no express or rush processing. Sad.

For more information, you may check PRC’s website here.

UPDATE: Got my license in June, exactly 3 months after applying for it.