For 3 years and 5 months working in Makati, I have not updated the RDO (Regional District Office) where I should be registered. It is still in my previous company’s RDO which is in East Pasig. How did I know where I am currently registered? I called BIR’s contact center which is available every Mondays – Fridays 9 am to 5 pm only. Contact number is 981-8888 and you need to provide your TIN, some validating info like your birth date and mother’s maiden name. I did tried to e-mail them before but they are not allowed to give information through e-mail and will direct you to their contact center. Here’s a copy of the said e-mail:


I was told that I was currently registered at RDO 43A – East Pasig. You can get the complete list of  BIR RDOs here. Now, next step is updating my BIR status.

Update as of 03-20-2013:

I went to BIR office with hubby in East Pasig last Monday. It was such an easy breezy transaction. My travel time from Valenzuela to BIR is much longer than having my form stamped. From MRT Shaw, ride a jeepney with any sign board and just tell the driver to alight you at  BIR, it’s the building in front of Pag-ibig and beside SSS. We went inside and asked the guard  where I can have my form 1905 stamped. He told me to go to Counter 5 and I gave my form to the lady there. She just checked if I am registered on this RDO through a system on her PC and voila! After no more than a minute, I got my form  stamped.

Just forward your form to your HR people at the office and they’ll be the one to handle it from there. I’m so glad, mababawasan na tax ko! 🙂