I got married May of last year (that’s 2012) and there are some government requirements I need to update. To date, March 2013, I have only renewed my passport and company I.D., yes I admit I get lazy sometimes working on this and it took me almost a year and all I have is an updated passport and a company I.D. But making a blog and documenting my to do list somehow help. 🙂 Now I’m back on track.

Let me just share you first ways in getting a copy of your NSO documents. I have tried a couple of them before and after getting married. Before getting married, I needed birth certificate and CENOMAR and just recently I went to NSO office in East Avenue to get a Marriage Certificate for renewal of my passport.

Here are some ways I have tried:

  • Going to SM Business Center – for 160 pesos I’ve requested a copy of my birth certificate and CENOMAR, you have to go back there to get your documents available after 5 days. But I got mine in 3 working days, just call the number they will give you and ask if yours is ready for pick-up. Transaction is fast and easy but down part is that it makes 2 trips to get your documents. First is when you’re requesting and second when picking them up.
  • Online and delivery – the most convenient way is to get it online. You can have your documents delivered at your doorstep 2-3 days anywhere in the Philippines and even abroad. You can request it on this link. I’ve tried using their online service when I applied for my daughter’s birth certificate. Most convenient way, most costly. Here’s the payment details:


  • NSO office – if you wanted to wait for less than an hour, then a trip to NSO office is the best. This is the fastest way, recommended for those who wanted to get their documents ASAP or within the day. I went to their office in East Avenue, Quezon City, it was actually also very hassle free. I don’t know if I’m lucky but there’s no wait time for applying, just fill-up the form and pay at the cashier. There’s one hour waiting period after filing, though, you’ll get the documents at the receiving area for less than an hour. So while waiting, you can have your lunch or snack first. It is also the most affordable, for 125 pesos plus 15 pesos for documentary stamp tax you can get yours within the day. Different rate for CENOMAR though, 180 pesos plus 15 pesos documentary stamp tax and you can get it after 2 days.

Tip: Schedule your trip to NSO office in the afternoon, around 2 pm and you can get your documents after an hour. My second trip to NSO office, I went there in the morning, around 10 am and release time at 1 pm. I got my documents around 2 pm. They’re available until 4 pm so I think it’s best to go there in the afternoon just before their office cut-off time.

So there you go, which one is best for you?