“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”
― Barack Obama

I am a graduate of Nursing and also a Registered Nurse. It was 2007 when I received the good news that I passed the Nurses Licensure Exams, 6 years after, here I am working in an outsourcing company (not a call center) as an HR Specialist. I’m in a healthcare account, though, our client is a home health care in the U.S. but still as far as I know being an HR Specialist is way different with the course I took in college. Why now? After being satisfied with my work for almost 3 years and half, I came to realization that I need to pursue my chosen career, and that being said, as a Nurse.

At first, with my years of experience as an HR Specialist, I thought I could go abroad (particularly in Dubai) for a “sandier” pasture. I started applying online January this year, editing my resume/CV on websites, bayt.com, naukrigulf.com, monstergulf.com, jobstreet.com, workabroad and others. I even got to a point where I forgot what my username and password is for each account I am making. As easy as it looks like, not even one called or e-mailed back for an interview, and this is 2 months after I started sending out my resume and applying for an HR assistant/specialist post. I do got some calls, maybe two, from a recruiter for a Clinic Nurse but in Saudi. No way! I don’t like! But it just hit me, maybe I should trace back that path I used to trace before. Now why, why do I want to go back as being a nurse?

Year 2009, after working then for 5 months in a call center and almost a year in a laboratory and multi specialty clinic, I started getting requirements to pursue my Nursing career. Thinking I now have a  year of experience as a clinic nurse, I should get this done. I took an Intravenous Therapy class and became an IV Therapist (Now I don’t know where my IVT card is, I actually have the certificate but does not bother to get my card. I do not know the process, as of now, how to get it. O my could someone help me?) I also took a BLS and ACLS training in the Lung Center of the Philippines then. Now all my licenses and trainings are expired and I should go take up some refresher course and do it all over again. All are expired including my Nurse license, it’s expired for two years now! *sigh*

But as the quote says above, we are the ones to start making change for ourselves. We are not waiting for anyone to start change for us. So I better start change now.

Here are my plans:

Plan A: For an easier way to go abroad (Dubai, UAE) go on a tourist visa and apply there as an HR or admin assistant or any position available for me. Sure, it is easier but there are consequences. I might not find a job in two months time and go back here in the Philippines jobless. Scary!

Plan B: Start going back to my Nursing path, do  refresher courses and get COE from the secondary hospital I volunteered to work before for 3 months and my COE as a clinic nurse in the laboratory I’ve worked before. This is a long process, considering 6 years after getting my license I’m back to step 1. But this is my forte, this is what I studied for 4 years and this is what I want now. Though, I know I’m trekking the longer road considering there are many jobless nurses here in the Philippines, I still wanted to try it. Try it for the second time and this time I will document everything that I went through. To have a clear goal, I’ll do checklists, to do lists and any other list. 🙂 I hope to inspire others too with my struggles, musings, inspirations and daily battle in this field.